Our cuisine onboard Carmen Serena has no preset menus! It is actually a gastronomic journey. Our cuisine is mainly based on Mediterranean tastes and styles, using outstanding local and seasonal ingredients. Using only fresh and local products from our long lasting and trustful sources we guarantee the best quality dishes for your satisfaction. We can also deliver a large variety of customized international dishes according to your unique taste habits and wishes.

We further enhance our menu with the famous Greek "mezes" -small selection of side dishes- which has become one of the top requests of our Guests'. Our tailor made snacks with a selection of seasonal vegetables, herbs, seafood and fresh fruits transform the experience to a colored and dreamful canvas full of surprises of gastronomic pleasures.

Our attention to detail never stops even if the day comes to its end. Under your specific preferences we deliver an excellent dining experience in a perfect environment. Last but not least, during the booking procedure, we always ask for a list of your unique taste requests, in order to supply a customized menu… just for you.